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Earning $5 start to finish PROOF

Welcome! I assure you that everything on this website is virus free
BUT please read the Sandboxie section for your own protection.
  •  Create an alternate e-mail address that you will have access to.
  •  Sign up and confirm email offers are the easiest and most reliable.
  •  Clear your temporary internet files and cookies every half an hour or so (even in Sandboxie)
  •  Never use your real phone number. (unless it's for an app download that you trust)
  •  Leave the windows of offers you clicked on open for at least 5 minutes. It says something like click at least 2 gold offers to claim your prize *next* click at least 3 platinum offers to claim your prize *next* (and so on), just click however many it says and leave them open for a few minutes while you reach the final page.
  •  " SKIP " IS YOUR FRIEND! Skip when you can but read the description because you may need to say yes to 2-3 offers -within- the offers.
  •  Let the pages load before clicking "skip" or "next"
  •  Do the daily surveys! You'll get much faster at it after a few times.
  •  Alternate between referring people and completing offers/surveys.
  •  Listen to music while you complete offers. :)
Things you will want


  Sandboxie is free and runs your browser in a sort of box completely separate from your computer. Whenever you're done with your browser simply delete all contents to remove any viruses or cookies lingering in the sandbox. However, you don't even have to delete the contents if you don't want to because whatever you do in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox. :)
The website PrizeRebel is safe, so go ahead and sign up now, but use this when completing offers!
If not, I strongly recommend at least having a quality firewall & virus protection.


   Download the free version and create a not ( ;] ) fake identity then simply click fill forms and it will automatically fill out all of the not fake ( ;] ) information that you set such as: first name, last name, address, zip code, gender, ethnicity, etc. This will save you a massive amount of time.
If you were wise and got Sandboxie you will have to run RoboForm inside Sandboxie by right clicking RoboForm and select "Run Sandboxed."

This is a bit glitchy in the Sandbox when using Mozilla. :/

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